Exit of the city by Cerrillos, El Carril, Pulares, La Quebrada de Escoipe is the anteroom for the winding Cuesta del Obispo, reaching its highest point at Piedra del Molino 3348 meters above sea level. This high point represents a gate between two valleys: that of Lerma (lower and more temperate) and the Calchaquíes (between cordilleras of the foothills, around 1200 meters higher and more arid). Then, continuing along the Straight of Tin Tin, of a strange construction built at an altitude of 3000 meters, in Inca times, and stopping at Los Cardones and Payogasta National Park, to the typical colonial town of Cachi, on the margins of the Calchaquí River. at 2210 meters above sea level at the foot of the Nevado de Cachi. The picturesque town is surrounded by hills and mountains belonging to the Precordillera de Los Andes. It has a colonial style, mixed with what its primitive inhabitants left behind. It has a central square surrounded by cobbled streets and houses with stone bases, adobe walls covered with white sand and lime, wrought iron grills, teardrop roofs or cane covered with mud. The excursion visits the Archaeological Museum and the parish church. Return to Salta on the same road.








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