You will enjoy the calm waters of the Beagle Channel and the majestic mountains that extend over its coasts.
DAYS AND DEPARTURE HOURS (may vary): Duration 2 hours and 30 minutes
DEPARTURES IN APRIL 09.30 hs and 15.30 hs
DEPARTURES FROM MAY TO SEPTEMBER 30: 10 hours (to be confirmed) and 15 hours

Navigation Beagle Channel. Maritime Wolves

  • Sailing from Ushuaia we will sail through the waters of the Beagle Channel crossing the Bay of Ushuaia, the north coast of the channel, archipelago and Faro Les Eclaireurs, where we will have the opportunity to visit different seabird nests nesting in islands and cliffs, sea lion and various sea posts. birds of the marine and coastal environment (cormorants, albatrosses, petrels, oystercatchers, etc). After approaching the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, we will return to the city. It does not land at any time

  • Operates at the beginning of NOV - ends of MAR (the number of penguins depends on the beginning and end of the season).

    Duration 6 hours

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