Bird Park is an internationally recognized center for the recovery and conservation of birds, located in the middle of the rich and exuberant Atlantic Forest, next to the Iguazú National Park.

Birds Park

  • Bird Park is a private enterprise, located in one of the most beautiful regions on Av. Das Cataratas Km 17.1 next to the National Park of Iguacu (Brazil). Visitors have the opportunity to enter the nurseries to learn about the life of the birds. A world of colors composed of exotic and colorful tropical birds fly in large nurseries integrated into the lush tropical rain forest. In addition to birds, yacarés, anacondas, boas, marmosets and butterflies amaze tourists. The Park offers a wide structure with a lot of comfort and practicality, favoring the ecological environment of the place. The trails of the Park offer conditions to receive people with different abilities, wheelchair. Optional service that can be done after the Excursion to Brazilian Waterfalls starting after lunch or in the Private transfer mode.

J.R. Velasco 415, 3º piso

Buenos Aires, CP 1414

De Lunes a Viernes: 11.00 a 19.00

Tel. (+5411) 4857 1784

Cel. (+54911) 5009 0807

Cel. (+54911) 6494 4846