Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport + Small Circuit, set the distance in reference to the km of Bustillo Avenue

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Small Circuit
> Duration: 09:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
> Half Day (4 hours approx.) Route: around 65 km.

Transfer Airport - Hotel - Airport + Small Circuit

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  • The trip starts from Bariloche on Av. Bustillo bordering Lake Nahuel Huapi. At the height of km. 8 is Playa Bonita, appreciating from there Huemul Island, 10 km. Later on, after crossing different landscapes, we reach the foot of Cerro Campanario.


    From the base part a chairlift that ascends its visitors to 1500 m.s.n.m. At the top there is a confectionery and above it there is a terrace that allows one to admire one of the most complete and beautiful views of all the surroundings: the lakes Nahuel Huapi, and Perito Moreno. Laguna El Trebol. Peninsulas Llao Llao and San Pedro, Victoria Island. Cerros Otto, López, Goye and Catedral and the city of San Carlos de Bariloche.


    Returning then the route is entered the Villa de Llao Llao, where is the Chapel San Eduardo, jewel of the regional architecture and the magnificent Llao Llao hotel, true symbol of the place and work of the great architect Alejandro Bustillo, that was inaugurated in the year 1939. On the lake you can see the important and picturesque Puerto Pañuelo. After bordering Lago Escondido, the road passes over the bridge of the Angostura stream, union of Moreno Lakes with Nahuel Huapi. Passing by López Bay, at the foot of the homonymous hill, we reach Punto Panorámico at km. 40 to 945 m.s. where you can appreciate the majesty of the landscape that make up Lake Moreno and the Llao Llao peninsula.


    Bordering Lake Moreno, you reach the bridge that allows you to cross this lake and then go along the shore of the El Trébol lagoon and in the km. 45 link with the initial journey and return to Bariloche.

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