La Angostura is an area of ​​lakes, rivers and mountains surrounded by forests, ideal for holidays, recreation and sports such as skiing, snowboarding. From mid-October the fishing season begins and in summer it is the ideal time for trekking, canoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking and all kinds of adventure tourism.

Villa La Angostura

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  • With direction NE you reach the Limay River, natural drainage of Lake Nahuel Huapi and already in an environment of steppe took course towards the west towards the mountains, always skirting the Nahuel Huapi Lake until arriving at the picturesque Villa la Angostura surrounded by beautiful native forests. There it is possible to visit some of its main attractions: Bahia Manzano, the Correntoso River area, the port itself, the historic presidential residence of El Mesidor and the La Asunción Chapel, the work of architect Alejandro Bustillo. The ride has as option in winter the ascent to Cerro Bayo, place where the traditional ski center of Villa La Angostura is located in the hill of the same name.

  • Pick Up passengers at all Central Hotels and Bustillos Route up to km 3. The rest of the Hotels will have to pay additional

J.R. Velasco 415, 3º piso

Buenos Aires, CP 1414

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